At first glance, it would be hard to tell that Yum’s Asian Bistro on Charles and 25th is in fact a very new restaurant. While the exterior bears many of the markers of some of the less pleasant areas in Baltimore including a broken sidewalk (hardly their fault) and a somewhat garish sign, the interior is as refined as any of the eateries one would find downtown.

The space is only divided into two sections with a series of booths, the space is decorated with elegant Chinese artwork, dark wood moulding, and a marble floor. There is also a bar for dining solo, and a sushi bar in the back.

When it comes to the food, Yum’s offers much of the American-style Chinese food that people are used to. General Tso’s and Kung Pao chicken make their usual appearances but next to several lobster and crab dishes that are great if you want some variety.  The sushi is somewhat unremarkable but is still worth your time. As with most sushi in Baltimore, go for the rolls instead of the nigiri.

Pricing can get a little steep when you go for some of the specialty rolls or the higher-end seafood, but overall Yum’s is very affordable.

They offer small sizes on most of their dishes so you aren’t stuck with a box full of soggy chicken the next morning and most of their specials offer a choice of soup. Overall it’s a great place to take a long lunch break with friends or to have a family dinner.

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