By: Andrew Silverstein

Fancy yourself a live music fan visiting or living in Baltimore?  Awesome!  We know you've got a lot of great choices from small cafes to enormous amphitheaters in the Charm City.  Sonar, Baltimore's only all-ages, 3-room music venue, should definitely be on your radar if it isn't already, though.

Sonar plays host to a wide variety of national touring acts and local musicians.  Techno, house, hip-hop, indie, punk, jazz; if you can name the genre, it's probably been played (or will be soon) at Sonar.  Past acts at Sonar have included New Found Glory, Big Sean, RJD2, Alkaline Trio, Wu-Tang Clan, and many, many more.

Sonar is HUGE too, maybe one of the biggest non-stadium or arena live music clubs in Baltimore.  Of course, with three rooms, there's bound to be some variety at a big club like this.  The two smaller rooms typically host dance parties on non-concert nights or after the concerts.  Here you can enjoy the best in rock, top 40, and more with multiple bars serving up strong, affordable drinks throughout.

Sonar also plays host to a number of live music festivals like the Aural States Festival, Maryland Deathfest, and Traffic Jam Fest.  The three rooms make Sonar perfect for music festivals as patrons can hop from one room to another catching a ton of their favorite acts throughout the day.

Parking is also notoriously free and great (get there early, though) at Sonar which, if you've ever tried to park in Baltimore, is a real blessing.

Check the Sonar website here, see if one of your favorite artists are stopping through, and see for yourself all the things that are great about this Baltimore club!