The debate has plagued Maryland for decades. Who has the best crab cakes in Baltimore?

Obrycki’s – Located in historic Fells Point, this local favorite has some of the best crab cakes in Baltimore. They are famous for their fried backfin crab cakes which have been a family tradition for them since 1944. Most choose to get their crab cakes fried but Obrycki’s also offers broiled.

L.P. Steamers – Let L.P. Steamers entice your taste buds with their hot steamed crabs. Their fried crab cakes are difficult to describe but incredibly easy to enjoy.

Bo Brooks – Another favorite for candidate of best crab cakes in Baltimore, Bo Brooks comes to the scene with their traditional steaming methods which make one fantastic crab cake!

Mo’s Crab & Pasta Factory – The dedication of the team at Mo’s is what makes its seafood and crab cakes hard to beat. Fresh, high quality and locally sourced are all promises by Mo’s to each and every one of their customers.

Faidley’s – The family owned business known as Faidley’s strengthens their reputation in the best crab cakes in Baltimore contest with their award winning lump crab cakes, over a century of experience and market place atmosphere.

Phillip’s – A restaurant that is well known to both locals and visitors, Phillip’s has provided some of the best crab cakes in Baltimore and other cities. They stand as high as the rest with taste, freshness and quality.

No matter which Baltimore crab restaurant on this list you choose, or if you venture to all, you are sure to not be disappointed. Make sure to help visitors by rating and reviewing all your favorites!