Baltimore and crabs.  It's like peanut butter and jelly, peas and carrots, Seattle and rain.  For better or worse, they're forever tied to each other and to most, a wonderful match made in heaven.

All throughout Charm City, there are more than enough places to get your crab fix.  From the cakes to the boiled, the sandwiches, and more, succulent, fresh crab permeates all corners of Baltimore's culinary landscape.

For a one-stop destination with some of the best crab in Baltimore it's hard to think of better places than L.P. Steamers Crab House in Downtown Baltimore.  Located just under 2 miles east of Fort McHenry, L.P. (short for Locust Point) Steamers has proven its worth as a mecca for soft shell crab beloved by Baltimore residents and visitors alike.

While great crab is one thing, it's not much if the environment you eat it in bores the life out of you.  L.P. Steamers goes far beyond their edible delicacies to provide a neighborhood, family-friendly environment rife with a friendly staff, an expansive rooftop crab deck, and a constant flow of cold beer to accompany the heaps of steamed soft shell crab they dish out on a daily basis.

When it comes to the menu, L.P. Steamers offers an assortment of crab and fresh seafood dishes.  Some of their menu highlights include fried crab cakes, steamed shrimp by the pound, fried clam strips, and, of course, steamed crab served individually or by the dozen in sizes like regular, large, and extra large.

Sound good?  Head out and judge L.P. Steamers for yourself then give them your own rating and review on the L.P. Steamers 410area business listing.  Bon apetit!