By: Sally Baker

Although there are not an extensive amount of restaurants on the water in Annapolis, the few that are available offer everything any sea and seafood lover would want from the views to the menu. The four Annapolis restaurants on the water are Pusser’s, Chart House, Carrol’s Creek and O’Leary’s.

Pusser’s – This beautiful restaurant on the water in Annapolis offers a Caribbean grille with large portions and signature entrees. The breathtaking waterfront view adds to the top notch service and menu items. Featured in the Annapolis Food and Wine Festival, Pusser’s Caribbean Grille is a must on the list of places to eat when looking for Annapolis restaurants on the water.

Chart House – This upscale restaurant with panoramic views of the water and skyline offers an incredibly classy and romantic dining option for both locals and visitors. Chart House’s elegant food, presentation and cocktails are beyond worth the prices at this restaurant on the water in Annapolis.

Carrol’s Creek – Overlooking the Spa Creek Bridge and the boat filled waters, is Carrol’s Creek. A restaurant loved by the locals, offering pristine service, views and seafood. Other amenities offered at Carrol’s are catering, happy hours and even live music.

O’Leary’s Seafood Restaurant – The creators of O’Leary’s restaurant on the water strives to be the best seafood restaurant in Annapolis. The cottage style exterior and elegant interior makes every guest feel welcomed by family. The creativity put into the menu is hard to match with a few being Lobster Cappuccino, Lemon Sole and of course Crab Cakes! Private dining is also available at O’Leary’s as well as elegant wine choices to pair with your favorite seafood.

When looking for restaurants on the water in Annapolis, you will find these four establishments. Each boasts their own unique atmosphere, but what they all have in common is amazing views and seafood. Enjoy your Annapolis restaurants on the water and make sure to leave reviews for your favorites.

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