When it comes to eating on the cheap in the Baltimore area, few meals beat a hearty dose of delectable Mexican tacos.  Tijuana Tacos in Canton provides some of the most delicious and affordable tacos in Baltimore.  This authentic Mexican restaurant is a prime destination for Baltimore residents and visitors alike seeking delicious dining that won't break the bank.

Tijuana Tacos takes pride in preparing almost all of their ingredients from scratch.  Their spicy mole sauce, which can go on anything from tacos to fresh tortilla chips, is made in-store with over 30 different ingredients that pack some serious flavor.

Of course, what would a place called Tijuana Tacos be without an admirable assortment of classic Mexican tacos?  Stop by and choose from a variety of tacos with fillings like grilled beef, grilled chicken, carnitas (pulled pork), marinated pork, beef tongue, and more.  You can also customize your taco with toppings including cilantro, onions, and a handful of different homemade salsas to choose from.

If you're looking for more than just tacos in Baltimore, don't be fooled by the name, Tijuana Tacos can definitely provide.  In addition to tacos, Tijuana Tacos also offers a menu chocked full of authentic Mexican dishes including enchiladas drizzled in savory queso blanco, tamales with your choice of filling, customizable burritos, and more.

So, if you're looking for delicious, authentic Mexican tacos and more served cheap and fast, Tijuana Tacos is definitely worth a try.  Let us know what you think with your own rating and review on the Tijuana Tacos 410area business listing.