By: Sally Baker

As the capitol of Maryland, the amounts of things to do in Annapolis are vast. Historic landmarks, shopping districts and annual events are just a few of the things Annapolis has to offer both locals and tourists. Whether traveling for the first time, or a local of many years, there are popular things to do in Annapolis for everyone this year and the years to come.

The Historic Downtown Annapolis is a hotspot for shopping at the City Dock, dining, music and history. This part of the city hosts the large 4th of July fireworks celebration every year as well as provides the community many other annual events. To name a few of the popular downtown Annapolis events, there is the Bay Bridge Walk, Annapolis Crab Feast, Oktober Fest and the Annapolis Halloween Festival. Historic Downtown provides an array of things to do in Annapolis which leaves locals and visitors consistently coming back for more.

The U.S. Naval Academy is another favorite choice for things to do in Annapolis with historic walking tours and boot camps for children. Get an in depth look at the historic campus and learn about the rich history of the buildings. Events at the Naval Academy are updated frequently on the official site for the academy’s visitor center.

There are also incredible Walking Tours in Annapolis that feature tours of the Civil War, African American heritage and even ghosts. The walking tours provide the perfect things to do in Annapolis for adults, children, families, students and any other dynamic. Many have noted these tours as being compelling, magnetic and the highlight of their trip.

The Bay Bridge Walk and Governor’s Bay Bridge Run are the popular annual events held in May where the city closes off the eastbound side of the bridge to traffic, enabling pedestrians to participate and cross the famous Chesapeake Bay Bridge on foot. The events start on the side of Kent Island and continue to the toll plaza. The runners head out on their 10K race in the morning with the walkers following afterward. Although the event is subject to cancellations, it is still officially conducted as long as weather and other factors permit.

There are countless things to do in Annapolis year round from events and attractions to historic sites and exhibits. Make sure to visit the event directory to learn about all the upcoming events in Annapolis and the local Baltimore area while checking out local businesses in the area as well.

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