The largest employers in Baltimore include many well known companies, such as Lockheed Martin, McCormick Spices and Black and Decker. Although all of these companies are located in Baltimore County, many are located in Downtown Baltimore.

The federal governement provides the most jobs in Baltimore, employing more than 14,000 people in its Social Security Administration.

Of the top 35 largest employers in Baltimore, five of them are hospitals, including Franklin Square Hospital Center, with 3,500 employees, and Greater Baltimore Medical Center, with 3,331 employees. Farther on down the list is Sheppard Pratt Health System with 2,227 employees, Northwest Health System, with 1,450 employees, and St. Joseph medical Center, with 250 employees.

The University of Baltimore, located in Baltimore county, is also an excellent provider of Baltimore jobs. There are currently 3,258 people working there. Towson University is also one of the largest employers in Baltimore, with 2,965 employees.

Many places to work in Baltimore are companies that are well known throughout the United States, or even internationally. McCormick and Company, the spices people, have 2,014 employees at their Baltimore company. Lockheed Martin has 1,800 Baltimore based employees, and Solo Cup, makers of plastic and paper cups, is one of the major places to work in Baltimore, with 1,700 employees. Bank of America has 1,019 employees working at their Bank of America building in Downtown Baltimore.

Other jobs in Baltimore can be found at Stanley/Black and Decker (1,336 employees), United Parcel Service (1,140 employees), Comcast Cable Television (1,100 employees), Verizon Maryland (1,079 employees) and TESSCO Communication Technologies (918 employees).

Some Baltimore jobs can be found at lesser known companies that have a high number of employees. Erickson Retirement Communities employs 3,070 people.

Baltimore, Maryland is a large American city, but it is not in the ranks of major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, or Washington, D.C. Still, there are quite a few places to work in Baltimore, and some of those companies are even household names.