Maryland, as well as its neighbors Washington D.C. and Virginia all experienced increases in statewide unemployment rates for the month of July according to the Washington Post.

While the national unemployment rate slowly declines, Maryland experienced a subtle increase in its unemployment rate, which currently sits at 7.1 percent, the highest it's been since November of 2011.

The unemployment rate in Maryland increased .1 percent since  June and also .1 percent compared to July of 2012.

The state's labor force lost about 9,200 jobs, shrinking from a total 3.14 to 3.13, the Post reports.

The biggest losses were taken by the state's professional services and government job sectors with each losing about 3,200 and 4,300 jobs respectively.

When it comes to jobs in Baltimore, though, the news isn't all grim.  Just last week, Japanese automaker Mazda announced that it will start shipping 65,000 new vehicles a year to the port of Baltimore, creating an estimated 160 new jobs, the Baltimore Sun reports.

And, a recently-released report from an industry trade publication Manufacturers’ News Inc. found that the Maryland-Washington, D.C., region gained about 700 manufacturing over the least year.

Not quite huge strides forward, but signs of progress nonetheless.

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