What are the top paying jobs in Baltimore, Maryland? Some of the best include jobs in healthcare, construction, engineering, and positions as teachers. Other top jobs in Baltimore include jobs in security, human resources, as an image clerk in a hospital, and as a medical office coordinator. Experts say jobs in the healthcare field are expected to grow the fastest. Jobs in engineering are expected to be the most stable. Many of the best jobs can be obtained in downtown Baltimore.

According to the United States Department of Labor, as of 2008, the healthcare field provided jobs for 14.3 million people, and ten of the top twenty fastest growing jobs were in the field. Healthcare jobs are expected to grow nationally between 2008 and 2018 faster than any other positions. It is no wonder the jobs will provide some of the top paying jobs in Baltimore as well.

Other top paying Baltimore jobs will be in the engineering field. While the number of such jobs is only expected to grow at about the same pace as other jobs, they will still be high paying jobs, according to the Bureau of Statistics of the Department of Labor. Starting salaries will be among the highest for any jobs requiring college graduates.

The Bureau of statistics noted that the job outlook in the construction field will be good in the future. Many construction projects will be completed in the future in downtown Baltimore. Such workers have high earnings.

Other top jobs in Baltimore include positions as a human resources manager. Such employees traditionally work in such areas as payroll, managing turnover, recruiting, administering benefits and payroll, and other important employee matters.

Even more top Baltimore jobs listed online in the recent past have included such positions as a Corporate Controller, with a salary listed of more than $100,000, a Chief Financial Operator, and a Research Administration Trainee.

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