When you travel to Maryland, you will most likely seek out the best places to stay in Baltimore. It is one of the most visited and popular cities in the state. There are numerous reasons for this. Famous sports teams like the Baltimore Ravens and Baltimore Orioles are just two of the reasons why you should stay in Baltimore. Our travel guide to places to stay in Baltimore helps you decide quickly and easily.

Best Places to Stay in Downtown Baltimore
Maryland nightlife, shopping and dining begins in Downtown Baltimore. Whether you seek shops, bars or special events it is definitely in this location. You can venture out to the hottest clubs near the stadium or make a beeline for the fantastic bars and performing arts centers near and around the Power Plant Live district. While you are there, stop by the Inner Harbor for a bite to eat at one of the restaurants. Obtaining tickets to a Baltimore Ravens and Baltimore Orioles game is a must. The Holiday Inn Inner Harbor is the ideal accommodations in this neighborhood. It is conveniently located in Downtown Baltimore.

Best Places to Stay in Fells Point
The Fells Point neighborhood offers nightlife, restaurants and shopping as well. With over 120 nightlife venues in the area, choosing just one will not be easy. Daytime activities are just as fun. A number of museums, tours and boat charters are great options. A few of the best hotels in Baltimore are in Fells Point. The Admiral Fell Inn and Celie’s Waterfront Bed & Breakfast are highly recommended hotels in Baltimore.

Best Places to Stay in Federal Hill
Federal Hill is a top neighborhood for guests to stay or visit. The neighborhood boasts a great number of historic homes. Take a tour of Federal Hill before settling down for lunch or dinner at one of the ethnic, elegant or seafood restaurants in the area. You can also shop during the day or go clubbing at night. Two of the best places to stay in Baltimore are the Hampton Inn and the Holiday Inn Express.