Older than the Declaration of Independence, the city of Baltimore, Maryland is rich with history and tradition, and full of family friendly places to go and things to do. Home to the largest seaport north of Miami, Baltimore is a city that blends bustling commerce with a smooth and relaxed coastal atmosphere. The city welcomes and entertains folks of all ages all year long, and a bevy of activities and attractions await visitors.

Family Attractions in Baltimore need not be a drain on the wallet. At the corner of Lexington and Eutaw Streets in Downtown Baltimore sits the Lexington Market. The Market is the perfect destination for new arrivals to the city, as it is an open-air celebration of many of the bounties that Maryland has to offer. Candy stands make and sell some of the freshest, tastiest toffee and chocolates that you will ever enjoy, while the other end of the market features butchers and fishermen skillfully and artfully presenting the spoils of their trade for hungry patrons. The Lexington Market is certainly family friendly. It is free to walk up and down, and a tasty, memorable treat will only set you back a few dollars.

Keeping on the theme of affordable activities and places to go, the Washington Monument at Mount Vernon Park is a piece of sacred American history surrounded by a large park with plenty of room for picnicking or jogging. Wednesdays through Sundays, the Monument is open to the public, and the entrance fee is only one dollar per person. For those more interested in the legacy of artists than those of politicians, the grave of literary great Edgar Allen Poe is located just one block away from the aforementioned Lexington Market.

No family should tour Baltimore without pulling up a chair and enjoying some local cuisine. Known all over the world for succulent and fresh steamed crab, Downtown Baltimore is home to a number of famed restaurants. Nick's Fish House is one of the best, resting in the middle of a busy marina and peering out into the bay. Patrons can sit on wooden decks while feasting on catches pulled out of the waters beneath them only hours ago.

In short, Family Attractions in Baltimore are not hard to find. Affordable and enjoyable attractions and things to do are available all over the beautiful and historical Maryland metropolis.