By: Andrew Silverstein

For a great taste of Maryland shopping, restaurants, music, and history, it’s hard to think of a better place than Downtown Annapolis. Once known as the “Athens of America” and the temporary capital of our country from 1783-1784, Annapolis has a rich, eye-opening history that still permeates its streets and culture today.

Take a walking tour of Downtown Annapolis and see the monuments and attractions that make this city so great. The “Annapolis in an Hour” tour established by the Historic Annapolis Foundation is a great way to observe all the rich history of Annapolis without taking up your whole day, or bank account. Tickets range from $7.50 to $12 and can be purchased online here.

Or, just create your own tour, walk the streets, and observe Annapolis on your own accord.

Annapolis is teeming with history including some of the finest 17th and 18th century buildings in the country as well as the United States Naval Academy, now over 165 years old, and the Annapolis City Docks, an economic hub of Annapolis for over 300 years and a great place to watch a boat show in a city many call the sailing capital of the world.

Of course, sometimes you just have to let loose and splurge a little.  History's great, but Downtown Annapolis has way more to offer than a great glimpse into its past.  Hit the sidewalks and get a little retail therapy done at shopping venues across Annapolis.  From unique boutiques to jewelry shops, eclectic gift stores, art galleries, and more; the shopping in Annapolis is one of a kind.

Or, kick back and relax at any one of Annapolis' great restaurants.  pubs, sushi bars, seafood and steak restaurants, casual bistros, elite waterfront and street side cafes; it's all here in Downtown Annapolis.

When the sun sets, Annapolis hangs with the best nightlife cities around the country offering an eclectic variety of live music venues, clubs, bars, and more.  Get your fancy on and catch an Annapolis City Orchestra concert or see an up close and personal performance from a number of Annapolis musicians at the popular 49 West Coffeehouse.

If rock is your thing, The Whiskey Annapolis is a great place to see some great live blues acts, catch a DJ set on the weekends, or just enjoy a cold drink after a long day.

Whatever you choose to do in Annapolis, just realize there is definitely no shortage of attractions for adults and kids alike. Get out there, explore, and fall in love with Historic Downtown Annapolis!