By: Sally Baker

Nestled on the waters brushing the increasingly popular Inner Harbor is the National Aquarium in Baltimore. This unique, angular-shaped building opened in 1981 when Baltimore was going through an impressive challenge which would change the face of the city from its ruins and pollution to one of the cleanest and most popular places to visit in the country.

The National Aquarium in Baltimore entertains viewers with animals, exhibits and conservation programs for the public. In addition, one can purchase event packages for the aquarium to both host and cater their special events like weddings, anniversaries, banquets, corporate events and more. If that was not enough, the aquarium also presents events every month. Throughout all the National Aquarium in Baltimore offers, they also show their caring hearts with devoutly attending to individuals with special needs by offering early entrances and more.

Beginning with the animal section of the aquarium, there are around 16,500 animals from over 660 different species. These animals include the likes of Australian descent, amphibians, birds, fish, invertebrates, mammals and reptiles.

The exhibits feature more than 16,500 animals but certain exhibits have made a name for themselves across the country. The “Jellies Invasion” exhibit provides an inspiring and educational view of jellyfish. Everyone witnessing will learn that jellies are actually “changing the balance of Earth’s aquatic ecosystems” (, 2011). The famous dolphin show called, “Our Ocean Planet,” features 8 dolphins with unique names such as Spirit and Beau. These dolphins, along with the jellies, are showcased in the Pier 4 Pavilion giving the audience an auditorium style view of the pool where they showcase their talents. The newer “4-D Immersion Theatre” exhibit shows movies, documentaries and more for events that cater to adults, families and children alike. The “Animal Planet Australia: Wild Extremes” exhibit is an aviary where birds fly around the masses and welcome visitors to the area which will show them the aquatic life of Australia including challenges they go through from fire, drought and flood.

The conservation programs for the public include events, tips, rescue programs and continued education for people to go out and practice taking care of the aquatic environment outside of the aquarium and into their daily lives. They have an online blog for those who are computer savvy with their education, or for the more ‘hands-on’ type of person, one can join the Aquarium Conservation Team and physically help to clean up Chesapeake Bay.

There seems to be no end to what the National Aquarium in Baltimore offers to both locals and visitors, and with so much just outside the front door like the Maritime Museum in Baltimore and nearby shops and restaurants at The Gallery, everyone will be sure to thoroughly enjoy their visit. 

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For additional information on the National Aquarium in Baltimore, visit the official website here.